Tips to keep your seafood as fresh from the sea

Although nutritionally speaking frozen fish does not have much to envy fresh fish, it is undoubted that, in the case of many fish, the quality of the latter is superior. Now, fresh fish is a very delicate food that spoils easily if we do not treat it properly.

In fact, it is this last thing that often throws us back when we would loke to prepare a fish n a Sunday, but we have to buy it on friday or Saturday. Although it is true that fresh fish when it is best is when it is consumed fresh of the day, it is also possible to enjoy it after a few days as long as a series of standards are met.

Tips to keep fresh fish for longer

From what is the best time to buy, to what is the best position inside the fridge. Small details that, if taken into account, will help us keep fresh fishfor longer.

Whoever gets up early, God helpsCómo filetear un pescado

That`t what the saying goes, and getting to the market soon gives you the opportunity to buy the best. Although it is true that going at the last minute you can find a bargain at a better price, if you want to ensure that you can choose, it is best to get closer to the fish market as soon as possible. If  you go the market, although it is most likely that you will end up buying at your position of trust, it is always good to shop around first to see what others offer us.

Never start shopping for fish

The fish should stay as short as possible without refrigeratin, so you should buy it just before ruturning home. After having read the previous advice, it is easy to conclude that if you want to ensure the freshest fish and that you can stand in the best conditions, it is best to go to the fish market, return home with the fish, preparate it for its optimun conservation, leave it in the fridge and then go out and buy the rest of the things we need.

Avoid blows during transportation home

As it is important to return home quickly with the fish so that the cold chain is not compromised, it is necessary to ask the fishmonger to wrap the fish conveniently and take care when transporting it home so that it does not carry blows that they could cause unwanted changes in the texture of the meat.

Fish cleaning

Cómo filetear un pescado

We can ask the fishmonger to do it or do it ourselves. It consists in removing the scales, bleeding the fish well-a very important step since it slows the decomposition rate-, eviscerating it and washing it well under a cold water jet.

If the cleaning has been done by the fishmonger, this final wash should be repeated when you get home, because on the way the water from the previous wash will have dripped and mixed with blood, so a second wash will come in handy .



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